My Normal: Christian Schauf

My Normal: Christian Schauf

Jimmy Sansone @ 2022-11-10 12:29:40 -0600

The My Normal video series is about showcasing regular people whose normal inspires us. Christian Schauf is one of those people.

Christian proves that friendships can start on Instagram. I followed him because I appreciated the things he seemed to stand for. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he started an awesome company called Uncharted Supply that provides high-quality, intuitive gear to help people navigate emergencies big and small. What we love about him is that his professional life doesn’t define him alone, but complements the rest of his passions, including his awesome dog, Barron. As an avid outdoorsman and a man whose business it is to be prepared for anything, we really respect the way Christian lives his life with a high level of accountability.

“Life isn’t a dress rehearsal” is his favorite phrase and it’s on him to make something out of his life. We are inspired by the ways he goes about it.

We are pumped to show a little slice of his normal.