Our Story

We aren't designers

We're brothers who make clothes. Headquartered in St. Louis. We make Normal clothes much better.


Jimmy & The Basement

Jimmy worked in finance and hated it. He loved one shirt he made – the first Normal shirt. Insanely comfortable, durable, and versatile. He quit his job and moved into our parents’ basement to work on it full time. People loved them.


Lan Joins

Lan joined that summer after he graduated from college while he was interviewing for "real jobs." He was about to leave for Chicago when Jimmy called our dad and begged him to let him stay. Thank God he did and we started selling to retailers.


Conrad Joins

Conrad joined full time after law school and working for the Attorney General's office. He had been with us since the beginning at trade shows and every other event, but now it was official. Our website got much better and we opened a store.

Life in the middle

We are dedicated to making the best product out there. We will always cater to you because we are you. We don't come with a designer agenda. We want Normal clothes to be better.


Where It All Started

We had always wanted a store of our own, and finally got it done. Our mom designed every last inch of the space. The brothers wanted one thing and got it - a bar. It felt like a dream had finally come to life to be able to experience the brand in a physical space.


Store No. 2

We started to branch out from our homebase and opened our 2nd store in the heart of Nashville, Music City USA. We threw a big party to celebrate.


The Great TNB Fire

A fire at our office was an unexpected challenge. Many office items were damaged, but our team pulled together to keep things moving forward. We were able to settle into a new office space within a few months.


Store No. 3, 4, 5, & 6

The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City became home to our third store. Store number four opened in the heart of Kirkwood, Missouri. We ventured West to Denver, Colorado for our fifth store, but came home to St. Louis West County Center to open our sixth store just in time for Thanksgiving.


Store No. 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota became lucky number seven. Up next we headed down to The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama for store eight. We then came back to our home state of Missouri to open up store number 9 in Springfield. Store number ten opened in Franklin, Tennessee, our second in the Nashville area. And we expanded East for store 11 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


We have much more coming. Thank you for giving us a shot and supporting us.