College Inspired. Comfort Driven.

College Inspired. Comfort Driven.

The Normal Brand @ 2015-11-30 09:56:45 -0600

Here at The Normal Brand, everything we do starts with the "feel" test. Growing up, that’s how I was taught to judge clothes—start with your hands and end with your eyes. It’s why, even today, every single piece we decide to make starts between our fingers. 

I knew I wanted to create some really cool t-shirts—pieces that stand for something and make the person wearing them feel true pride. But first and foremost, I needed them to be the most comfortable thing you slip on in the morning. So, we found a family-owned and operated manufacturer in the US that we felt a real connection with. In fact, we have personal relationships with all of our manufacturers, and think you can feel that in the products. 

We could immediately tell they are as dedicated to quality as we are. They passed that test with flying colors. And in the end, while the development process took a long time because we knitted these tees from scratch, I know you are going to love the finished product. 

It may look like just a t-shirt to some people. But to our team and me it’s far more than that and once you put it on, we know you’ll feel the same. 

Check out the shirts and let us know what you think!

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