The Normal Brand in the Wall Street Journal

The Normal Brand in the Wall Street Journal

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we believe the same goes for fashion trends. In an article released yesterday in The Wall Street Journal, we were name dropped for being a counterpoint to the current movement of floral and lace in new menswear designs. While we truly believe everyone is entitled to his or her own personal style, we’re extremely proud to have already made such a mark in the industry that we’re now seen as the example.

We’ve always held strong to the belief that you should wear what’s comfortable for you. After all, that’s why we started The Normal Brand. We wanted to create simple, comfortable, rugged pieces that fit our lifestyles. So, thank you again to everyone out there who supports our effort to do things a little different.

Snippet about The Normal Brand:

Fashion is, of course, a pendulum. There may already be a backlash forming. In St. Louis, Jimmy Sansone this year launched Normal Brand, featuring the likes of navy blue T-shirts, in response to the dainty pink and yellow colors and other elements of modern menswear. “I said to a friend, ‘Where do I get a normal shirt?’ ” Mr. Sansone says—and the brand was born. 

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