Why We Created the Women's Line

Why We Created the Women's Line

The Normal Brand @ 2015-11-11 11:32:33 -0600

As the oldest of 10 children, including 3 sisters, I tend to have a different outlook on things. So, when the ladies in my life started to wonder when we’d launch a women’s line, I knew it was time to get started.

I began by looking around at women’s fashion trends and what I noticed was a lot of style, but very little functionality. Sure, the collections all looked good, but were they practical for the dead of winter? I didn’t think so and neither did my family or friends. That’s why we set out to create fashions that met both of these needs at the highest level. After all, we know a lot of women who spend more time outdoors than their counterparts and they deserve to be comfortable too.

The first two pieces we developed were a Crew Neck Tee and a Scoop Neck Tee. Both began with a thoughtful cotton spandex blend, which provides a unique toughness to withstand the elements, yet also allows for the comfort The Normal Brand is known for. We also wanted them to be versatile, so we added a few elegant touches such as specialty tapings, a woven bug tag and our signature bear on the back left shoulder. And although each offers its own unique fit and style, they’re both designed to be worn with an array of layers, colors and accessories—the perfect staple to any wardrobe.

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