2015 Hat Giveaway

2015 Hat Giveaway

The Normal Brand @ 2015-11-02 16:49:39 -0600

For us at The Normal Brand, 2015 is a year we’ll never forget. And that’s because we not only grew as a business; we grew as a family. We’re humbled each and every day, as more and more incredible individuals—like you—purchase one of our products, Tweet us, Like us, Tag us, click on our website or simply tell a friend or two about us. We know, that without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. They’re your needs and desires we try to embrace in every design. It’s your passion and support that drives us to be the very best in what we do.

So, to show our deep appreciation for everyone out there we consider a part of The Normal Brand family, we’re giving away one of our hats every week, now through December 25th. It’s our little way of saying ‘Thank you’ for standing by us every step of the way.

Thank you again for such an amazing year. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2016.
Enter your info below for your chance to win. 
Contest is closed, thanks for a great holiday season!

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Haven’t purchased any of your products yet, altho quality looks great! Love your story line, and love the fact that you implicated your faith. Look forward in purchasing some products for 2016! May your business continue to strive!
God Bless..

laura @ 2015-12-18 19:50:36 -0600

Love your products!! Would love to see more products come out as you develop!! I especially love the hats and long sleeved shirts!! Stylish, yet simple:-)

Syndol @ 2015-12-12 09:09:51 -0600

Just ordered my first TNB hat and cannot wait to receive it! Please consider making a children’s line. It is so hard to find decent, modest clothing for girls in the tweens!!!

Erin Gaffney-Dwyer @ 2015-12-09 20:08:56 -0600

Just love the products. I’m all about the outdoors, and keeping life simple. Love the idea behind the company. Would love to win a hat to sport around on my hikes, and fishing trips. Wish you had a kid line.

J.C. @ 2015-11-19 08:20:45 -0600

Our office is right next to the Normal Brand. The passion and drive from the NB guys is awesome. It’s nice having ‘average joe’ clothing that doesn’t come straight out of the 90’s. Solid quality, fashionable, but not too flashy. I look forward to snagging some of their gear as presents for the holidays. May need to buy myself some gifts as well :P

Alex McArthy @ 2015-11-18 17:06:54 -0600
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