The Midwest Mule

The Midwest Mule

The Normal Brand @ 2015-10-28 17:47:43 -0500

Heritage isn't something that can be manufactured, mass-produced or fabricated. True heritage is developed over generations in the hearts and minds of those who live its story.

At The Normal Brand, we're constantly asking ourselves how we can further commemorate our own Midwest heritage; creating memorable experiences that harken back to those who helped build it and celebrating those who will carry these proud traditions into the future.

That’s why, when we decided to release our very own copper mugs, we knew they had to be special. From the hand-hammered copper to the hand-engraved emblem that adorns the side, we wanted to ensure each and every one was a labor of pride, love and character—a true reflection of The Normal Brand and our continued devotion to the places we call home.

Of course, we also knew we couldn’t stop there. So, we set out to create a cocktail that brings together some of the very best the Midwest has to offer. A beverage that serves as an authentic representation of decades of hard work, dedication and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

The result?

The Midwest Mule—an earthy take on the original, which blends the refined flavors of Mastermind Vodka from Pontoon Beach, IL; The Big O Ginger Liqueur from St. Louis, MO; and Dark, a coffee liqueur out of Guthrie, OK. Meticulously crafted by the ever-knowledgeable Elijah Barnes of Cleveland-Heath in Edwardsville, IL, these rich and rustic spirits unite in a sensory experience that’s as satisfying as it is refreshing from your first sip to the last drop.

The Midwest is home to so many wonderful things and we’re proud to add to the list with this delicious cocktail and mug that have been forged and delivered with true heritage in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about The Midwest Mule or The Normal Brand copper mugs, we partnered with Director Chris Ryan of OnceFilms and the St. Louis Spotlight series to create the above video that’s sure to make your mouth water with anticipation.

Now it's time for you to make one.

The Midwest Mule Recipe 

If you make a Midwest Mule make sure to share a picture with us using #MyNormalBrand and tagging us @TheNormalBrand


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Special thanks to Cleveland Heath, Elijah Barnes, and Once Films.


Hi! Will you be bringing back the Moscow Mule cups again?

Barbara Nelson @ 2016-09-07 22:37:25 -0500

Love the copper mugs! And the am edited Moscow mule recipe . Will try it and Cleveland Heath. I keep hearing great things about it.

Suzanne @ 2015-10-29 23:18:14 -0500

Elijah is very good at what he does. Wonderful, seeing him in the spotlight! He is an amazingly gifted young man. I love sitting at the bar of Cleveland Heath, watching Eli & his staff. Its mesmerizing to watch their synchronized mixing, a real team effort.
I’m most likely a bit partial though, as he is my son.
Loved watching the commercial, well done!

Lea Kuriger @ 2015-10-29 22:07:24 -0500

Love, love, love the combination of all these special, local brands. These mugs and corresponding spirits are gong to be Christmas gifts to all my peeps! Special.

Mitch @ 2015-10-29 19:39:43 -0500