Introducing The Middle Men Series - Modern Brewery

Introducing The Middle Men Series - Modern Brewery

The Normal Brand @ 2016-04-21 10:34:28 -0500


Popular opinion is that stuff gets created on the coasts. New exciting things happen on the east and west coasts, and once they spread up and down that line – they trickle to the middle.

There is no doubt that that happens to an extent. They have huge markets and a lot of flash.

Part of the mission of this company was to change that, even a little bit. We proudly say we are from the middle while making the best clothes on the market. We have put in a ton of work. We often fight (brothers fight anyways) as we meticulously decide on fabrics, trims, weights, buttons, stitching, colors, washes, etc. We obsess over these decisions because it matters so much to us. The team sends emails throughout all hours of the night asking questions like “you think the button down has enough drape? I wonder if we used a biowash, it would break it down enough to hug more;” or “really been thinking about the wovens a lot – the stretch we put in is incredible, but it needs a softer hand” or “God, I cannot wait for those new polos to hit” etc etc.

We are proud of what we create. We are proud that national media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Business, and even People Magazine write about us. But we are equally proud, that in an industry dominated by the coasts, we are standing out as guys in the Middle.

We want to showcase more companies in the Middle standing out and doing great things, so we are going to start posting videos highlighting cool companies, brands, creatives, artists, whatever, in the heartland of the country.

Modern Brewery is a company started by two young guys from St. Louis. They lived on both coasts, but came back home to create something special. They brew their beer on premise and distribute it to the best restaurants around (look for the light bulb taps). They also open their tasting room on Fridays and Saturdays, and continually sell out. Check out the video and definitely go get some of their beer.

Let us know what you think, and please comment suggestions for future videos.