Our Stores

We wanted more than a store. We want an experience. We want you to come in and not just shop around, but to hang out and grab a beer with us.

Coming Soon: Kansas City

Coming Soon: New York City

Welcome to The Normal Brand Store.

Our goal is to create a tone that embodies The Normal Brand. We use a combination of antiques, flags, animal mounts, and pieces of history to create this vision. When you walk in, we want you to feel like you walked into a Midwestern experience. We want everything we do to reflect our value of hard work. Our stores do not fall short. From the shelves and counters to the bar top, everything is cut, stained, and distressed by hand. We take pride in the small details because they make the biggest difference.

Probably our favorite part is the hangout bar area, for anyone who wants to come in and kick back with a beer in hand. we want you to feel comfortable enough to come in and hang out, regardless of whether you’re shopping or not.

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for everyone out there supporting us along the way. To the ones who were with us when we were shipping out hats from our basement, to the ones who maybe just heard of us on the Internet, we thank you. Without your support and feedback, none of this would even be possible. With everyone joining us, it reminds us that Normal is better.