My Normal: The Frisellas

My Normal: The Frisellas

Jimmy Sansone @ 2022-11-21 12:57:16 -0600

The My Normal video series is about showcasing regular people whose normal inspires us. Sal and Racquel Frisella are two of those people.

Family is the most important thing we have in our lives. Growing up in a family of twelve with forty plus cousins, and aunts and uncles and grandparents that were over weekly, it was all we knew. There is no doubt that without the support of family, The Normal Brand wouldn’t have started. As we’ve gotten older and society has “evolved,” there seems to be an increasing attack on the family, and while we acknowledge that we sell clothes and don’t pretend to be generational thought leaders, we know for sure that the family is a sacred structure that should be protected and promoted.

When we met the Frisella family years ago, we knew that they had it figured out. Both Sal and Racquel Frisella are confident leaders who run incredible businesses. Sal is the President of 1st Phorm, a best-in-class supplement company that has become a worldwide lifestyle brand in the fitness space. He works with his brother, Andy, and every time I’ve been to the office, his dad is there making the rounds too. Racquel is the founder of Racquel Aethetics, a market leading med spa with a waitlist of patients that stretches out the door. Both care deeply about their businesses, the people who work for them, and their many patrons.

But what inspired us about the Frisellas is the clear boundaries they set that outline their central doctrine – family is first, no matter what. The Frisellas realize that without their central relationship with each other and their kids being strong, nothing else matters. We are huge fans of the businesses that Sal and Racquel have both built, but as Sal said, “none of that really matters until we solidify what we have inside our home.” We are pumped to show you a little slice of their normal.