Why We Created The Top Side Backpack

Why We Created The Top Side Backpack

The Normal Brand @ 2015-11-19 18:47:12 -0600


I needed a bag. Briefcases are ancient and man bags with those over-the-chest straps aren't comfortable. I wanted a backpack, but one for a grownup. I wanted something that was sharp enough for my downtown loft and tough enough for the back of my truck next to my hunting gear.

I wanted to fit a box of shotgun shells, the notebook I never use, my laptop, and my iPad in there. I wanted pockets for business cards, pens, and all 6 of my chargers. I wanted people to notice my bag but I didn't want to be noticed for wearing it. 

Because I have this company, I was able to make it just the way I wanted it. I love this company because ideas and wishes become real life. 

We designed it with a tablet pocket and laptop pocket along with room for books, notebooks, clothes, shotgun shells, whatever. We designed it with two perfect accessory pockets. We designed it with a waterproof canvas body and a full leather flap. We designed it the way you deserve it. 

That's why my job is so cool. 

Jimmy Sansone

Founder, The Normal Brand


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