My Normal: Ron Neal

My Normal: Ron Neal

Jimmy Sansone @ 2022-11-07 17:19:24 -0600

People often confuse what The Normal Brand means.  The reason I named the company The Normal Brand is because when something is normal to you, you get it – you understand it. It makes sense to you. I wanted a shirt for my normal. We wanted to make better clothes for your normal.

This series is about showcasing regular people whose normal inspires us.

We think regular people have stories worth telling. The best stories.

Ron was introduced to us from our brother, Anthony. He lives on a beautiful piece of property an hour outside of Nashville and lives an extraordinarily free life. A central part of our story is quitting our jobs and taking a wild ride to start a fashion company, an industry in which we had zero experience in. 

There’s something about Ron jumping on a horse every single day and going as fast as he can that is so awesome. To try and control, even for just a second, an ancient animal that has been roaming America for hundreds of years is insane. It’s a feeling that he thought was worth quitting his nine to five. To be truly free.

We are pumped to show a little slice of his normal.