Hats For Your Normal

Hats For Your Normal

The Normal Brand @ 2017-10-16 16:06:02 -0500
We get told time and time again, "People always ask where I got this hat." And we really love hearing that. 

Basement Startup 

We started making hats in our parents' basement. Thank god our parents and siblings helped us box and ship these late at night, or this company never would have launched. 

The Original 

This is our first. It was designed by Jimmy for Jimmy, but people kept asking him about it - so we made more. 


The University Bear 

We designed this logo for a more collegiate look. 


The Dano 

We heard you wanted a deeper trucker, so we went to work and made it happen. It's named after our brother Lan, aka Dano. 


The Waxed Active Wear 

Your favorite waxed canvas hat just got more active. Washed, waxed and worn in, this hat looks like you've had it for a lifetime. 


Fall Arrivals 

Shop our best collection yet before it sells out! 

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