The Normal Brand Featured on Fox 2 News

The Normal Brand Featured on Fox 2 News

The Normal Brand @ 2016-05-18 09:50:38 -0500

Local Brothers Make a Big Splash in Lifestyle Apparel

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - It's called "The Normal Brand", a lifestyle apparel company in St. Louis with national distribution.  However, there success in a short time has been anything but "normal".

Local brothers Jimmy and Lan Sansone are responsible for the Normal Brand. A unique clothing line created with our area in mind.

Jimmy says, “I don’t like all these ultra preppy regional brands in the Midwest so I said where can I find a Normal shirt?”

He adds that Normal has nothing to do with something being mundane or average. He says you just understand it, know it, it makes sense to you.

For the Sansone’s that meant a shirt for the city and country.

Jimmy says, “I wanted a shirt I could wear both places and I needed it to be versatile, durable and comfortable. We want comfort!”

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Every item also has the name “St. Louis” on its tag and their logo is all about the Show-Me State with a bear.

Lan says, “the bear was inspired by the Missouri flag.  It is a rugged cool mark and a lot of people have said they like it!”

The first item their company sold was a hat out of their parent’s basement on March 10, 2015. They hoped they could earn $70,000 in sales their first year.  Then the sales continued and they also earned a Arch Grant which helps local businesses grow. Then the sales kept on coming!

“In our first year we did $500,000”, says Jimmy.

In just 14 months the Normal Brand is now in 100 plus retailers all around the country and 2016 sales have already reached those of 2015 and it's only May!

They put an insane amount of work into the washes, stitching, fabric, cutting, and sewing features they choose.

They make their designs both in and out of the country, distribute everything out of their South St. Louis warehouse and have their main office in the Central West End.

Lan says, “to put St. Louis on the map is awesome. It makes us feel good and we have been hearing from others how it makes them feel.

The Sansone’s say what really separates their products are the feel and fabric.

Jimmy adds, “what we have done here is put spandex into woven goods.  There is a stretch to it. It is not your grandpa’s button down.

Jennifer Lopez “J-LO” even passed along a compliment to The Normal Brand!  She said on her Facebook account “Love This” talking about the article on the company in entrepreneur magazine.

Jimmy says, “we plan on being a prominent brand in the fashion industry!

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I am soo proud! Keep it up!

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