Malakos Knit Jogger

$ 78
Color: Blue Fog
Size: XS

These are the pants you spend all day in. These are the pants you call in sick from work in. These soft, cozy, high-rise knit joggers were MADE to enable relaxation. Malakos knit is a soft, lightweight fleece that you'll want to spend all day in, with plenty of stretch, and a buttery soft texture that will never let you look at jeans the same way again.

Malakos Knit

Fleece, without the fluff - Malakos knit is fleece's lightweight sidekick. Impossibly light and soft, with just enough thickness to keep the chill at bay. This cozy stretchy material is the perfect layer for people who don't like to feel bulky, but who love the softness of fleece.

Model Size: Tara is 5' 8" and is wearing a size Small