On The Road

On The Road

Jimmy Sansone @ 2022-07-18 11:28:22 -0500

Stop 1: Snacks

Every bonafide road trip needs snacks. We made sure to stock up on our favorites in STL before heading to Kansas City.

 Stop 2: Distillery 

We decided to pay a visit to J. Rieger & Co. for a tour of their outstanding establishment. And for some whiskey and vodka tasting, of course.

 Stop 3: Q39

Kansas City’s brand of BBQ features a sweet and sticky sauce that we had to try. Q39 offered just that with the skill of critically acclaimed chef Bob Magee. It was very, very good.

 Stop 4: The Green Lady Lounge

The Green Lady Lounge celebrates the rich history and music of Kansas City. Visiting this jazz club was like taking a step back in time to a retro cocktail lounge.

 Stop 5: Breakfast at Eggcetera

We started day two of our trip with a proper breakfast at a local favorite. Eggcetera gave us all the fuel and fun we needed with all the flavor we were looking for.

 Stop 6: The Nelson-Atkins Museum

We forgot to check the hours before we stopped by only to find out they were closed. We still got a photo of the iconic giant birdies on the front lawn, though.

 Stop 7: The Normal Brand Kansas City

Saved the best for last! This was our first trip to the new Kansas City Store together. If you haven’t stopped by yet, come say hi and check out our new digs!

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