Cabin Beard & Skin Oil

$ 35

1 oz. dropper bottle

At Barrel Brands we work hard to invoke memories and emotion from the scent profile of our expressions. No matter your past, feelings are often rekindled by a smell that takes you back to another time. Cabin is the essence of Fall and a reminder of rustic cabin nature. The cedar and pine offer fresh notes that make the woods what they are.

Cabin Blend No. 1 was one of our earliest expressions and a best seller, selling out in less than 3 months time. Cabin Blend No. 2 captures the earthy, woody tones of Fall and the outdoors.

This oil blend features the Barrel Brands proprietary Vitamin E oil base along with natural ingredients of Oak, Texas Cedar, Pine and raw Pipe Tobacco all barrel aged in a deeply woody French oak 60-gallon Ruby port wine cask that previously finished Bourbon.