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Rep Program

college brand ambassador program

Does your campus need a TNB college brand ambassador?

A Little About Us:
The Normal Brand was founded by Jimmy Sansone, an active outdoorsman and life-long Midwesterner. Jimmy is the oldest of 10 children. He was raised as many Midwesterners are - with a strong work ethic and a sense of pride for home. During his time as an investment banker he was frustrated by the lack of versatile apparel for him to wear when the suit was hanging in his closet. He went out looking for something that was “Normal” to him, something personal, but he quickly realized there was nothing out there designed for his family, friends, and himself. He decided to start a company that would cater to this underserved market. Long considered flyover country, Jimmy wanted to give the middle of the country a brand identity. The Normal Brand was born out of his vision to design apparel that matched his lifestyle and a brand architecture that represented his culture and identity. The Midwest apparel company is based in downtown St. Louis and designs and develops casual wear for both men and women dedicated to versatility, durability, and the right fit for comfort in everyday life.

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Why be a TNB Ambassador?

The Normal Brand is a new company built and run by young guys that is growing at a tremendous pace. You will have a chance to get real-world work experience while developing social and sales skills. It will help distinguish you from your peers and allow you to get involved on campus. Plus, you can finally add something you didn't completely make up to your resume.

What we expect from our Ambassadors?

As a campus rep, we expect you to promote this ideal and represent our lifestyle brand on your college campus through creative events and social media. At all times, you are representing The Normal Brand and you will need to think outside the box to promote our growing company. It's up to you to bring The Normal Brand to your campus and make sure that it is well known there! If this sounds like something you have a strong passion for, we encourage you to apply to our rep program. Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to seeing all of your applications!

Job responsibilities as a TNB rep:

  •  Host minimum of 1 event per semester; send photos and a recap of the event.

  • Make at least 2 posts per month on social media which incorporate The Normal Brand, your university, and #mynormalbrand

  • Wear, promote and represent The Normal Brand around campus

If you are interested please click the apply now button below.

2016 TNB College Brand Ambassador Application

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